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About Me!

I'm a unicorn that means developer + desginer. I started life as a electrican and switched from hardware to software in 2011. I am a pretty fast learner and always interested in learning new technologies. I put my efforts on learning the last trends on Development, and strive to better myself as a developer. I think one of my values is the ability to resolve problems so from the beginning I've been always focused on solving algorithms no matter the languages I used. I like to integrate systems using Gatsbyjs and GraphQL


I started developing software from 2011 working in several companies, I worked creating modules for Drupal since it was drupal 7, then I switched to p5js and interactive JavaScript for the web. Recently I've been hired as a React developer and tasked with porting WordPress via GraphQL to be fetched by Gatsbyjs and served as blazing fast JAMstack based static HTML sites. Lighthouse score of 100/100/100/100 PWA avrange between Mobile and Desktop